Sidney Sheldon’s Secrets to Writing Page-Turning Novels

On just about any list of the best selling novelists of all time you’ll find the name Sidney Sheldon.

In a nearly 40 year writing career – which followed a nearly 30 year television, movie and Broadway career – Sheldon sold over 300 million copies of his books worldwide.

Oh, and about that earlier career? Sidney Sheldon is the one who created The Patty Duke Show, I Dream of Jeannie, and Hart To Hart.

He started writing novels at age 50.

And if you’re a Sidney Sheldon fan, you know that once you start reading one of his novels, it’s really hard to put it down.

And he made it look so easy! If you ever wondered what makes his books so captivating, well, it may be a once in a generation confluence of skill, talent, and luck.

In my several interviews with him, I tried to draw out his secrets of writing. In 1988, for example, we talked about his novel The Sands of Time. And I got some fascinating insights.

So here now, from 1988, Sidney Sheldon.

Sidney Sheldon died in 2007, just days before his 90th birthday./

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