Kathleen Willey’s Accusations Against the Clintons

Kathleen Willey was a White House volunteer in the Clinton administration in its first year, 1993. And it was in November of that year that Willey says Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in the Oval Office.

Mr. Clinton denied her allegations. And Willey’s detractors, including Linda Tripp, questioned her veracity.

Willey then claims that she was subjected to threats and intimidation from the Clintons and their supporters, charges that she elaborated on in a 2007 book period that’s when I had the chance to speak with her.

In November 2007, Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president was gathering steam, and I questioned Willey about the timing of her book.

So here now, from 2007, Kathleen Willey.

Kathleen Willey is now 77, and lives in Virginia.

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