Robert Reich

Hope you had a happy Labor Day Weekend 2021.

Labor Day, of course, is the day set aside to honor the contributions of America’s labor force.

Most presidential administrations understand the need for a an advocate for at Workforce in the federal government. The position of labor secretary is therefore critical.

At one of the most influential secretaries of Labor in recent memory is Robert Reich, who served as President Bill Clinton’s first labor secretary from 1993 until just before Inauguration Day 1997.

Just a few months later, in May of 1997, Robert Reich and I had one of our several conversations. He had just written A Memoir of his administration experience, a book called Locked in the Cabinet.

So here now, from 1997, Robert Reich:

Robert Reich is 75 now. He still teaches, and is active political commentator. You can even find him in Tik Tok.

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