David Cassidy

Fifty years ago today, a TV show premiered on ABC, about a family that had formed a rock band. It was called “The Partridge Family,: and its star was a young actor-singer named David Cassidy.

Photo: ABC Television Network

In very short order, Cassidy became a full-fledged teen idol. Girls went crazy for him. He sold out concert Halls.

But as he revealed in a 1994 memoir, life was not exactly what it looked like on the outside.

You know, people often ask me which of my tem tjpisamd-plus interviews with my favorite. It’s hard to pin down one favorite, but the interview you’re about to hear is certainly in my top five. I found David Cassidy, who was it then 44 years old, to be one of the most thoughtful, introspective, smartest, and most likeable people I’ve ever interviewed.

David Cassidy died in 2017. He was 67.

June Lockhart


Today’s episode is for my baby boomers. Because we all remember June Lockhart, whether it’s from Lassie, Lost in Space, or even Petticoat Junction.

June Lockhart, child of Hollywood parents, has been a fixture classic TV for decades.

She typically played a firm but loving mom, someone we can all relate to.
I met her in 2001, after she’d written a memoir.

So here now, from 2001, June Lockhart.

June Loclhart is 95 now, and makes occasional appearances at classic TV fan showes.

Noel Neill

One of the most popular, and most iconic series from the early days of television was “The Adventures of Superman,” which ran from 1952 to 1958.

George Reeves was Superman / Clark Kent. Jack Larson played young photographer Jimmy Olson, and Noel Neill was reporter Lois Lane.

But, like so many TV stars, Neill saw her career take a new and unexpected path, and not necessarily the path she had planned.

I met her in 2003. She was still very popular on the campus and classic-TV circuit, and she was then promoting an authorized biography called “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

So here now, from 2003, Noel Neill.

Noel Neill died in 2016. She was 95.