Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger

On a cold January morning in 2009, a US Airways flight left New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

At the controls that morning was veteran Captain Chesley Sullenberger, whom everyone called “Sully.”

Moments after takeoff, the plane ran into a flock of geese, disabling its engines.

Unable to reach any nearby airport, Sully and co-pilot Jeff Sykes safely guided the plane into the Hudson River, where it stayed afloat long enough to get every single persopn off the plane safe and alive.

Sully was hailed as a hero, and a few months later, wrote a book. That’s when I met him.

Here now, from the fall of 2009, Chesley ‘Sully” Sullenberger:

Chesley Sullenberger retired from US Airways in 2010, after a 30-year commercial aviation career.

Today he is a well-known aviation safety expert,

Tom Hanks played Sully in a 2016 movie.