CeCe winans

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There are many people who say CeCe winans is one of the greatest gospel artists of all time.

She made her mark early on, as a member of the Wimans Family singing group. While still a teenager, she signed on with the PTL Club TV show run by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

And before long, she and older brother BeBe became stars.

Alongside BeBe, and later as a solo artist. CeCe Winans racked up 15 Grammy awards, 31 GMA Dove awards, and countless other accolades.

She was also Whitney Houston’s best friend, and sang two songs at Houston’s funeral.

In 1999, Winans wrote the first of her three books, a memoir called On A Positive Note. And that’s when I met her and talked with her. So here now, from 1999, CeCe winans.

CeCe winans is 58 now. She llives near Nashville.

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