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Well, as everybody knows, Donald Trump has been indicted on federal charges.

So I thought it would be an opportune time to revisit an interview originally posted in Season 2 of this podcast, an interview I did in 2008 with one of the original “Apprentice” contestants.

If you watched the show, you no doubt remember Omarosa.

She was a fiery and combative contestant, so it’s no surprise that her book that she published in 2008 was a how-to on for women to be a bit, well. “witchy” in order to get ahead.

So here now, from 2008, Omarosa.

Several years after our interview, Donald Trump was elected president, and Omarosa — who is 49 now — went to work for him in the White House. She left in January 2018. It’s not clear whether she was fired, or resigned.


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