Brigitte Weeks

About 100 years ago, an advertising executive had an idea. A book club, that would send members new books every month.

Photo by Jonathan Simcoe

If that sounds like a familiar idea, you’ve just heard the story of the Book Of The Month club.

Ernest Hemingway was among the first authors the club featured. Later, BOMC helped launch the careers of writers like Margaret Mitchell and Nelson DeMille.
The editor in chief of the book of the month club is a powerful executive, and from 1988 to 1994, that position was held by British-born

Brigitte Weeks.

She brought a deep experience in publishing to the position.

I met her in 1991, when we had a lively discussion about how BOMC operates .
So here now, from 1991,Brigitte Weeks

Brigitte Weeks is 79 now, and is still working with books, as head of crossings book club.

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