Herman Talmadge

For five decades, Georgia politics were dominated by the Talmadge family, first by Governor Eugene Talmadge, then by his son, Herman, who was governor in the early ’50s and then U.S. Senator until 1980.

Herman Talmadge was a Democrat, a southern governor at a time of great social change in the south and a U.S. Senator at a time of great upheaval nationally.

Talmadge was a segregationist, and opposed civil rights legislation in the Senate.

But today he may be best remembered for his part in .. Watergate, as he said in my 1987 interview with him:

Now, when I mentioned that I was born and raised in Illinois, Herman Talmadge immediately recalled with fondness one of his former colleagues…

And finally, Herman Talmadge left me with these thoughts:

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