Lorna Luft

How would you have reacted if, as an impressionable five-year-old, you were watching TV and suddenly on screen, flying monkeys came and took your mom away?

Photo: Greg Hernandez

Welcome to Lorna Luft’s world — her mother was Judy Garland, and the movie Lorna was watching that night was, of course, “The Wizard of Oz.”

Over the years, Lorna Luft learned a lot about her famous mom. And learned how to separate the truth she knew, in her own home, from what was written and spoken about Judy Garland in public.

In 1998 I interviewed Lorna Luft when she wrote a bok called, “Me and My Shadows: A Family Memoir.”

In later years, Lorna Luft found that living a life apart from the shadow of Judy Garland was a big challenge.

And in recent years, Lorna has successfuly fought cancer, and is now 66 — almost 20 years older than her mother was when she died in 1969.

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