Julie Nixon Eisenhower

Julie Nixon Eisenhower was born into a political family.

Her father was Richard Nixon, former Congressman, Senator, Vice President, and eventually the 37th President of the United States.

Photo: Oliver F. Atkins

Her mother was Pat Nixon, who steadfastly stood by her husband from the beginning of his political career to its ignominious end and beyond.

In 1986 Julie Nixon Eisenwher — the couple’s younger daughter, wrote a book called “Pat Nixon the Untold Story.”

She told me that year that her book was intended to blow up the misconceptions about her mother:

Julie Nixon Eisenhower told me that her mother never tried to influecne policy, or even speak out on the issues, deferring instead to her husbandd.

By 1986, the Nixons were starting to fade from the public memory. Julie found herself enjoying her newfound anonymity.

Now, there was one thing that Julie Nixon Eisernhower’s publisher asked me NOT to ask her about — but, the iknterview had gone so well tol that point, and she was so easy and open to talk to, I had to ask about it anyway…

Pat Nixon died in 1993, Richard Nixon the following year.

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