From Jed Clampett to Abraham Lincoln: The Extraordinary Journey of Buddy Ebsen

Photo by CBS Television

Buddy Ebsen, best known for his iconic role as Jed Clampett in”The Beverly Hillbillies,” had a remarkable career in Hollywood.

Ebsen’s career spanned more than seven decades, and his experiences offer a unique perspective on the entertainment industry.

As he told in his 1994 autobiography The Other Side of Oz, Ebsen worked with some of Hollywood’s iconic figures like Shirley Temple and Louis B. Mayer. And even other figures like Al Capone.

And you may know that Buddy was the original Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, but in this 1994 interview he reveals a few things you may not have known.

And he tells about the three questions everyone always had for him.

So here now, from 1994, Buddy Ebsen.

Buddy Ebsen died in 2003 at the age of 95.

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Gregory Maguire

Everyone knows the story of young Dorothy Gale of Kansas, and her epic journey to meet the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.

And we know that along the way she “liquidates” the Wicked Witch of the West.

Back in 1995, Gregory Maguire built on L. Frank Baum’s work to create “Wicked,” the backstory of the Wicked Witch of the West. “Wicked” became a moden day cultural phenomenon.

One of the several times I’ve interviewed Gregory Maguire over the years was in 2005, for his book “Son of a Witch.”

And in this interview, you’ll also hear how, in a strange turn of events, the Iraq war and the fall of Saddam Hussein helped inspire this book.

Here now, from 2005, Gregory Maguire:

The Broadway musicl inspired by Gregory Maguie’s “Wicked” recently became Broadway’s fifth-longest running show.