Sarah Weddington


Last week the United States Supreme Court overturned the nearly 50-year-old Roe vs Wade decision, which afforded women the constitutional right to an abortion.

That was a court battle fought, and one, by a young Texas attorney. In fact, Sarah Weddington was only 27 when she argued the case before the high Court on behalf of her client, the pseudonymous Jane Roe..

When 20 years later, Sarah Weddington was still gravely concerned about the future of the ruling that she won.

And now, we see that her concerns were well founded.

And Sarah Weddington, as it turns out, had a personal interest in the outcome of Roe vs. Wade.

So here now, from 19932, Sarah Weddington.

Sarah Weddington died last Decembmer. She was 76.

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