Capitol Steps

Once upon a Time three staffers for a United States Senator decided to put on a little Christmas show, just a little thing with song parodies and skits, just for entertainment.

They’re little show was a hit and they ended up putting on that show for a few other small private groups.

Before long, a few other Hill staffers join them and they’re little events. Became bigger events more organized events with bigger audiences

The year was 1981 and that’s how the capital steps was formed. And over the next four decades. The capital steps became the nation’s premier political satire group.

Two of those founding members, Bill Strauss and Elaina Newport wrote a book in 1992 called fools on the Hill and that’s when I had a chance to meet them.

So here now from 1992 Bill Strauss and Elaina Newport

The Capitol Steps disbanded in 2021, done in by the lack of bookings because of COVID.

Bill Strauss died in 2007 at age 60.

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Chris & Bob Elliott

Bob Elliott

Father’s Day is this Sunday and all this week on Now I’ve Heard Everything we’ve been featuring interviews about fathers.

Today a conversation with a father and son who have been making us laugh for decades.

Actor-comedian Chris Elliott and his dad, Bob Elliott, collaborated on a 1989 book called “Daddy’s Boy: A Son’s Shocking Account of Life with a Famous Father.”

Chris Elliott Photo: Alan Light

Don’t be alarmed — it’s a parody celebrity tell-all memoirs, and was all very, very tongue-in-cheek — as was our interview just before Fathers Day 1989.

I’m not sure if their book ever did become a major bestseller, although it did get a really nice write-up in the New York Times and a lot of other places..

Chris Elliott remains active and popular in moveis and TV.

Bob Elliott died in 2016. He was 92.