Paul Petersen

Photo: Gazebo

I don’t know about you but every Christmas season one of the movies I have to watch is it’s a Wonderful Life.

The story of George Bailey, the small town building and loan manager who’s given the chance to see what the world would be like without him is a Christmas classic.

Almost 30 years ago now two guys came out with a book of trivia about the movie. One of them was Jimmy Hawkins, who played Tommy in the movie. The other was actor. Paul Petersen.

Now you may wonder what Paul Petersen has to do with. It’s a Wonderful LLfe. Well. Paul Petersen was one of the stars of the ’60s sitcom The Donna Reed show — and of course Donna Reed was Jimmy Stewart’s co-star in. It’s a Wonderful Life.

And unless you have a master’s degree in, it’s a Wonderful Life. I can promise you will learn something about that movie in the next few minutes.

So here now from 1992. Paul Petersen