Louise Mandrell

She began singing professionally in the 1970s, as a solo artist and together with her older sister Barbara Mandrell and younger sibling Irlene Mandrell.

She’s proven to be an enduring and popular country musician.

I met her in the summer of 1993, when she was promoting a series of books she had written for children, commemorating a dozen or so major holidays.

So here now, from 1993, Louise Mandrell.

will be 68 in July

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Molly Shannon

While Molly Shannon may be best known for her six seasons on Saturday Night and her many many television and movie appearances, it turns out she is also a children’s book author.

In 2011, Shannon published a book called Tilly the trickster. It’s about a young girl who loves to play practical jokes on people, ranging from her brother, to her parents, to her school mates.

So, is there a little bit of Molly Shannon in Tilly the trickster, I wondered?

And be sure and listen to the end of the interview, for the true story of how Molly Shannon first met Will Ferrell.

So here now, from 2011, Molly Shannon.

Molly Shannon is 56 now, and is still seen frequently on television and in movies.