Barry Farber: The Quintessential Voice of American Talk Radio

Photo by David J Field

When you hear the expression “he has the gift of gab,” It might be Barry Farber they’re talking about.

Farber launched his on-air radio career in 1960, And over the next six decades became one of America’s most popular and best known talk show hosts and interviewers.

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A world traveler who spoke several languages Farber seemed to know almost everyone who was anyone It

I spoke with him a few times over the years, including this conversation from 2012 when he put out a book called Cocktails with Molotov.

So here now, from 2012, Barry Farber .

Barry Farber maintained a talk show presence online until the day before his death in 2020. At age 90.

The Power of Christmas Memories: Deborah Raffin’s Sharing Christmas

Everyone has memories of the Christmas season Some of those memories are warm and loving, others are troubled or sad

But all have stories to tell. And in 1990, TV and film actress Deborah Raffin published a collection of Christmas memories from a variety of celebrities and noted personalities.

Her book Sharing Christmas reveals that good, bad, or sad, everyone has powerful Christmas memories.

So here now, from 1990, Deborah Raffin.

Deborah Raffin died in 2012 from cancer period she was 59Deborah raffin died in 2012 from cancer. She was 59.

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Wendy Williams

Every day millions of American TV viewers tune in to the syndicated Wendy WIlliams Show.

Wendy Williams in 2003

She’s been a fixture on daytime TV since 2008. But her media career began long before that.

Some have even called her a “shock jockette”.

When I met her in 2003, Williams was a major radio personality but had not yet broken out onto the national stage in a major way. She had just written her first book, Wendy’s Got The Heat.

So here now, from 2003, Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams is 56 now. Her TV show is now in its 13th year, she has written several books, she has a line of fashions, wigs, and jewelry.