Eartha Kitt

Orson Welles once called her timeless.

With a sultry and distinctive voice, Eartha Kitt established herself early on as a great singer and actress.

She started performing professionally in the 1940s, and made several hit recordings in the 1950s and ”60s. Her most famous recording is a popular Christmas tune…

Baby Boomers will recall her role as Catwoman on the TV series “Batman.”

Younger audiences will recognize her voice from the voiceover work she did on several Disney productions.

I never got to actually meet Eartha Kitt in person, but we talked on the phone one day in 2001, about her book Rejuvenate! It’s Never Too Llate.

So here now, from 2001, Eartha Kitt.

Eartha Kitt died on Christmas Day 2008, just days before her 82nd birthday.

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Adam West

In January 1966 a new TV series premiered, unlike any we had seen before. Even though it only ran on the ABC network for three seasons, it changed television history. And it made the show’s star a folk hero. That show, of course, was Batman.

Adam West played millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, who, along with his sidekick Dick Grayson, aka Robin, fought evil criminals in Gotham City.

Every week, the Dynamic Duo faced off with another super villain — Riddler, Joker, Penguin, Catwoman.

But the show also typecast Adam West, and it took him many years to extricate himself.

I met him in 1994, when he wrote A Memoir of his Batman years.

sSo here now, from 1994, Adam West.

Adam West died in 2017, at age 88.