The Secret Daughter of Elvis Presley

In the early 1980s a young woman named Desiree sat her mother down and asked her to finally tell her about her real father.

The story that Lucy de Barbin told her daughter was the story of how she met Elvis Presley, fell in love with him, and had an affair. Elvis, she explained, was Desiree’s father.

Then, somehow, a journalist caught wind of the story, and persuaded Lucy and Desiree to tell their story in a book. Which they did, in 1987, a book called Are You Lonesome Tonight?

I met them when they were on a national publicity tour for their book.

Now, whether you believe them or not – and there are plenty of people who don’t – theirs is a fascinating story.

So here now from 1987 Lucy de Barbin and Desiree Presley.

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