Mika Brzezinski

Photo: World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

She is one of the most visible faces in television news. For 15 years she has co-hosted MSNBC’s Morning Joe program.

But before that, Mika Brzezinski ;s future in television news was anything but certain. In fact, she wasn’t sure she had a future.

Through a little bit of luck, a lot of hard work, and a persistence that just wouldn’t give up, Brzezinski earned her way back into TV news, and eventually the Morning Joe co-host slot.

I met her in 2010 when she wrote a memoir that was also a motivational book for women called All Things at Once.

So here now, from 2010, Mika Brzezinski .

Mika Brzezinski celebrated her 55th birthday last month. She and her first husband divorced in 2016. She’s been married to her MSNBC co-host Joe Scarborough since 2018.

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