Carroll O’Connor

It was on January 12th. 1971 — 50 years ago — that situation comedy changed in a big way, with the premiere of a controversial show called All in the Family.

At the center of the show was an irascible middle-aged blue collar worker named Archie Bunker. What made Archie so controversial, then and now, was how utterly unapologetic he was for his politically incorrect views.

The show was also controversial because CBS had just very publicly dumped its so-called “rural” comedies — The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, and Petticoat Junction — in favor of more modern and edgy shows like MAS*H and All In The Family.

Cast in the role of Archie Bunker was veteran actor Carroll O’Connor, who went on not only to win 4 Emmys as Archie but later starred in the series In The Heat of Tthe Night.

In 1998 O’Connor wrote A a memoir, and that’s when I got to meet and interview him.

TRIGGER WARNING: This interview that you’re about to hear includes talks about O’Connor’s adult son’s drug abuse and suicide.

So here now from 1998, Carroll O’Connor

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