Barry Goldwater

Last week Democrats nominated Joe Biden for president. This week, Republicans will renominate Donald Trump, for a second term.

Let’s go back 56 years, to July1964, when the GOP nominated Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater.

And, much like this year’s Democrats, many 1964 Republicans had serious doubts about Goldwater, who many saw as much too extreme. And Goldwater himself didn’t help much, with his acceptance speech.

Goldwater was trounced in the election that fall, by income LyndonBut Goldwater remained in the senate for many years, Helping shape the conservative policies of the GOP.

When I met him in 1988, the country was in the midst of the George H.W. Bush vs Michael Dukakis race. And as you’re about to hear, Goldwater had some very specific ideas about that contest.

So, here now, from 1988, Barry Goldwater.

Barry Goldwater died in 1998. He was 89.

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