Gladys Knight

What can you say about a performer who’s won seven Grammys, had a slew of number one hits, and who is one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time?

Here’s what I can say about Gladys Knight — she treated me like we’d been lifelong friends.

I met Gladys Knight in the fall of 1997, after publication of her memoir called “Between Each Line of Pain and Glory.” That’s a line, of course, from her hit, “You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happend To Me.” And wait for it, she’s got a story to tell about that song in a few minutes…

She was honest in the book about the pain as well as the glory in her life:

One of the many great Gladys Knight contributions, of course, was “Midnight Train to Georgia.” But that wasn’t what it was originally called.

How would you feel about “Midnight Plane to Houston”?

Gladys Knight just celebrated her 75th birthday. And “Midnight Train to Georgia” still gives me chills.

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