Erich Segal, A Love Story

It’s one of those phrases that’s become a part of the American pop culture lexicon — “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

That was perhaps the most famous line from Erich Segal’s 1970 novel “Love Story,” which became one of the biggest box office hits of 1971.

But it also proved to be a two-edged sword for Erich Segal.

We talked in 1988. upon publication of his sweeping novel “Doctoirs.”

And the book, and the movie, sure did.

And it also did something else — it gave the world hundreds of thousands of Jennifers…

But here’s a twist — and you may find it hard to believe — but Erich Segal told me that day that he had no idea what was going to be on the last page of “Love Story”:

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