Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz in upper right. Photo: NBC Television

Fifty years ago this week, NBC TV introduced America to four young men who would change the way music and television interact.

Looking to capitalize on the humongous an ongoing success of the Beatles and so many other groups,NBC assembled a team of four actors who also happened to have musical talent: Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and, of course, Micky Dolenz who, years before, actually started in a short-lived series called Circus Boy.

After The Monkees premiered something strange happened. It wasn’t clear whether this was a TV show about musicians or musicians doing a TV show ,, or something in between.It was a strange and new hybrid that actually frightened some people in the entertainment industry.

The Monkees — the musical act — became a phenomenon, with concert tours and records. And a hit TV show.

In 1993, Micky Dolenz wrote about all that in a memoir. That’s when I met him.

So here now, from 1993, Micky Dolenz.

Micky Dolenz is 76 now. He is touring this fall with Mike Nesmith, in what they’re calling the last tour for the group. They’ll be on the road until November.

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