Will Steger’s Pioneering Journey to the North Pole

Photo by Andy Witchger

In today’s shrinking world, there are very few things left that no one has ever done before. But in 1986, explorer Will Steger did something no one had done before – he led the first ever dog sled journey to the north pole without resupply

It was an amazing, and in some ways death-defying expedition

As he described in his 1987 book N to the pole, it’s difficult when your face is frozen, you’re only allowed two pounds of food a day, and you have just a short window of opportunity to reach your goal.

We sat down in my well heated studio one day in December 1987 to talk. So here now, from 1987, Will Steger.

Will Steger Is 79 now. He is a popular public speaker and advocate for preservation of the Arctic

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